The Great Raft proves to be problematic.

I’ve run into a problem.  The religion I started out creating has started to stifle me under the requirements of what the world has.  The Great Raft is the creator of the world.  He’s good at creating but he’s no good at inventing.  That’s why he created man.  Man’s purpose is to invent things for the Great Raft to create.  Man has been unable to create things for himself and thus relies on the Great Raft for everything.  The trouble is how can I diversify the jobs in this world beyond The Village Elders (Who undertake the function of Priests) Higher Ups (who are the officers of Bureaucracy put down by The Great Raft to keep mankind from bothering him too much.) and Teachers (who teach everything not covered by The Village Elders).

I can’t think of exactly what the other jobs would be.  Obviously they need people to operate the  various creations of the Great Raft but I feel that their needs to be something more for them.  They get food from factories that churn out already prepared food.  The cafeteria workers just go into the kitchen and push a button or pull a lever and food is dispensed.  There’s also separate stations where any one who wants food just goes up and does the same thing to get a properly portioned meal or snack depending on where they went.

But what other jobs could their be?  Everyone invents things it’s a part of the church service.  Any ideas on what they could do are welcome.


Words and Jobs and Conversations and Jobs and Snacks and Jobs and Russia?

The Evening of Scribbling Recklessly was an inordinate amount of fun.  More than that though is that it was remarkably productive and not just in the sense of my word count. (Which by the way I added 3021 words to during that time)  I also met many a new person as well as actually getting to know many of the people I’d met earlier better than before (remembering many of their names this time.).  Due to my nature of always talking to people and even more so due to my penchant to mentioning random things that have almost nothing to do with the conversation I managed to get a job lead for a security job.  Not only that but I also got information on how I can go about getting a job as a copywriter for an ad agency.

It’s a job that I’ve always felt that I would be good at and although a degree certainly means something in the field from what I was told by the source of this information it is ultimately the work and the talent and skill that allows one to get the job.  So I shall be looking to get a portfolio started for that.

Then after the whole thing had drawn to a close there was as usual a plethora of snacks that were unclaimed and needed someone to take them home.  So I made off with the vast majority of the chex mix I had made (it was surprisingly unpopular)  I also made off like a bandit with three different bags of chips (only one of which was opened) some bean dip, crackers, easy cheese, and two gallons of ice cream.  So I get home still on a high from socialization and plenty of sugar and caffeine and what do I find?

I find a Facebook message from a friend with good news for my career (though not the kind of news that calls for immediate celebration) as well as a proposition that would allow me to hang out with him for the first time in a long while as well as make a bit of money to make my unemployment that much easier.

All of this on top of my improved word count and what amounts to me essentially discovering the true nature of my NaNoWriMo.  I’m in a better mood than I’ve been in for a long time.  It also doesn’t hurt that my mind is being blown because I’m seeing a show all about the Beatles Mania specifically in Russia.