An Unfortunate Truth

Well considering the effort I put into getting people to vote on these polls and this last one only got two votes (one of them being mine) despite waiting two extra days for votes.  So I am discontinuing the votes for my NaNoWriMo this year.  I will still abide by the votes that have been done.  It will be a Sci-Fi Romantic comedy incorporating Military and Alternate history and the relationships will be any and all under the sun.  It will be in the far flung future with a focus on the cretaceous period as well.  And history shall be altered whenever there’s a buyer with enough coin.

I shall come back and post with more and more details on the outline and plot of my NaNoWriMo.


Poll Three

Alright the results are in. Looks like Sci-Fi and Rom Com are going page in page. The Sci-fi subgenre will be alternate history although the military was so close behind that I'll be using that aspect as well. Rom Com sub genre has gone to Erotic Free For All. It was the only one that had more than one vote.

This week we will be deciding on the era for the book to take place in as well as what the alternate portion of history is or if there's more than one thing.

What time does it take place in?
What should the change in history?


Sorry for the late poll results.  I was wracked with mucus and that I imagine is more than you’re interested in knowing.  We had a tie for the genre between Sci-fi and Romantic comedy.  So this week there will be a tiebreaker vote on the genre plus a vote on the sub-genre.  Plus you can give ideas for the title of the novel.  Keep it short and sweet with a slight sense of apathy.  The suggestions shall be used for next weeks vote.

Genre Tie Breaker

Sub-Genre if Sci-fi

Sub Genre if Rom Com


Just comment below with your answer to these and your suggestion for a Title.