New Model Anouncement

Model Year: 2010
Product Name: Trelk

Hello, and welcome to the Greatest Product Show EVER! In this segment, we're going to be interviewing the makers of the upcoming 2011 Edition of:


We'll ask him/her a couple of questions about the 2010 product and later discuss why you should upgrade to the 2011 Edition!

First question:
What makes the 2010 version different from the last versions?

-Firstly there have been a number of improvements between 2009 and 2010.  We have discontinued our support for largescale use of the Alchohol app suite.  It never showed any real benefit and held up virtually every other program we had.  We debuted the Caddy mobile docking peripheral which has done quite well despite several bugs in the system.  Also we made great progress in our series of writing apps, particularly with the interaction with the NaNoWriMo social networking site.-

Great! Now, are there any ideas that you expanded on from the 2009 model that you decided to keep in 2010?

-Yes.  The Felicia all purpose peripheral has proven to be invaluable and we shall continue our support for that platform.

How about anything new that you decided to add? What makes those things useful?

-We've been regularly updating the blog apps as well as completing our first 50k benchmark in the NaNoWriMo app.  These are both tools that will allow us to lay the framework that is needed to upgrade from fledgeling writer to the far superior Amateur Author OS.

For all of the people that are still using 2009 and older, what do you think they should know about the new 2010 edition in terms of upgrading?

-Quite frankly I don't know anyone who really uses any model prior to 2009.  There's just been so many fundamental improvements to the basics of the system.  There's far more compatibility with other platforms, the search engines have been greatly improved, and we've had a far better sense of direction this past year that we look to improve on in 2011.

Thank you for that lovely information!


I'm now about to ask you a short series of questions about the upcoming 2011 edition!
1st question:

What is currently repaired from the 2010 version? What did you do to fix it?

-We have repaired the Alcohol app suite so that we won't experience any overloads for the forseeable future.  Most of our work though has been put into planning for 2011.

Do you think that you will decide to get rid of anything that was useful in the 2010 edition?

-The only thing that comes to mind is the Caddy mobile docking port.  We don't currently have the funding to provide an alternative but if we get the opportunity to do so then we shall.  The same goes for the Parents House Home Station.

I've heard a lot of companies were giving their 2011 products Boyfriend/Girlfriend utilities. Will the new 2011 edition of your product have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

-It'd really not a priority as of now.  We're open to the possibility but we need to focus on certain OS upgrades as well as hardware maintenance.

What new add-on(s) are you going to add into the 2011 edition?

-The add-on we're really looking to get up and running at the moment would be the Job Power Adapter.

Thank you so much! Please enjoy this time-line while we take a commercial break!


The CSF OS debuts with high prospects.


CSF OS 1.2 debuts
Discontinuance of the Zoloft anti-virus software.
Alchohol app suite debuts
Tobacco app suite debuts
CSF OS 1.3 debuts
Hand Chair Docking Station Debuts
CSF OS officialy abandoned
KD OS announced


Tuxedo Junction Job power supply debuts
KD OS debuts
Tuxedo Junction Job Power Supply crashes
CSS Job Power Supply debuts
CSS Job Power Supply crashes


KD OS is discontinued.
KD OS Wallpaper debuts.
Greendale Entertainment Center Debuts
Wal Mart Job Power Supply debuts


Wal Mart Job Power Supply crashes.
NaNoWriMo app reaches 50k for the first time.

Writing apps 'Write1Sub1' and '365kin365days' have been added and the 'NaNoWriMo' app shall be returning.

A new maintenance program called 'Walking' has been added.

Also the discontinuance of 'Nicotine' has been anounced.