My Life as it Should Have Been, Intro

Selective Memoirs:
My Life as it Should Have Been

A wishful autobiography by:
Michael DuPuy


    At twenty one years of age most would say that I am not qualified to write an autobiography.  This is because I am neither one of great note, nor am I one of some great untold deed.  Many would say that I simply haven’t done shit.  Those who believe these things are not wrong.  In fact empirical evidence would suggest that they are right.  To these accusations I respond with a question: what is it that makes a man?  To this question I provide an answer: a pair of testicles.  With this in mind I pose another question: what gives a person meaning, definition, and purpose?

    Many would say that it is defined by the choices one makes.  They say that definition is imposed by the actions one takes.  A doctor is a doctor if they go to medical school.  They are a good doctor if they pass medical school.  An actor is an actor if they debase themselves onstage for the pleasure of others.  They are a good actor if they do so on screen for all others.  Yet it is unclear how it is that one arrives at the ability to make these decisions.  We have many people who are defined by helping others become defined.  How do we do this?  How do we choose our definition?  We are told that we must be true to ourselves and fulfill our purpose, but if we lack a definition, a meaning, a purpose, how then are we supposed to be true to it?  This would suggest that we have had a definition before this.  We have in fact been making choices our entire lives.  From the moment we are born.  To make these choices we must have some form of identity imparted from the moment of birth.

    In light of this development I posit that who we are, our very being and therefore our noteworthiness, lies not in the choices we have made, but rather in the choices we might have made.  It is with this understanding that I have undertaken the journey of writing this autobiography.  The true nature of who I am has been obscured.  I seek to correct this.  So please read on knowing that this is who I truly am.  I hope you enjoy My Life As It Should Have Been.

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