What about time travel?

Time travel has always been a tricky subject. One of the few topics upon which the students are regularly more knowledgable than the professors. It has thus been recommended that anyone truly wishing to learn time travel to be the one who teaches it. This is of course due to the fact that the students who go on to make use of their newfound skillset regularly travel back and provide the answers to all the tests and that so and so is totally in to them and they should take the chance and go for it.
Anyhow on to the most popular uses and some of the history of time travel. Despite the many attempts to use the device to kill Hitler none of them succeeded. There are seven hundred eighty five documented attempts to do so and not one of them succeeded. A one Herman Farraday attempted to claim the title of Hitler Killer by way of his attempt being the final straw that caused him to commit suicide but it has been roundly shot down by all. For it is obvious that he killed himself after the verification team to check his mental state prior to his suicide caused it when they asked him ‘Does the fact that there have been seven hundred and eighty five documented attempts to end your life affect your decision to commit suicide?’ Immediately after that he killed himself.
The major history of Time Travel has all occured around 2194 AD (After Dominoes) it was then that everyone believed it had been invented when in fact that did not occur until 2212. Everyone had made their way to 2194 in order to usher in the new era and once they realized it wasn’t then they promptly decided that it was entirely too much work to get everyone over to 2212 so they ushered in the new era of time travel right there. To this day there are no active time travellers who live outside of 2194 and 2258. Indeed their numbers have actually caused a rather serious cost in the real estate market during those times which would normally have destroyed the market values and the economic worth of many nations but everyone managed to get an amazing deal after all they simply showed up early enough to buy up the land they wanted and built what they needed before the price rose.
The first recorder use of a time machine was during the year 2609 BC (Before Christopher) when an early mayan stumbled upon a machine from 2348 and accidentaly hit home before the pilot managed to finish relieving himself in the bushes. Finaly the most popular uses of time travel include: Finding and eating extinct animals, The big game hunting of the great tyrants of history, passing classes, betting on sports games, getting ideas for movies, and forging ancient treasure.

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