My Life As It Should Have Been Ch 1.8

So I made my way briskly back to the comforting inside of the daycare. Itrod easily measuring my steps catching the reflection of a tall but spindly boy keeping pace with me wearing a windbreaker in this unseasonably warm weather. I took my time strolled by the library not too far from the playground. Pink was in there. The most learned of the Rangers. The only thing that kept her from running the Rangers was that Red had something on her. No telling what it was but it was obviously a big deal after all she wasn’t a sweetie like Rochelle. She kept herself calm and under control. That’s why she got to help at the library to be honest. And it gave Red all the more reason to keep a hold of her. While there she could look the other way for those who wanted read comic books or just get by without having to read at all.

“Hey there Pink.” I said.

“Detective.” She said. “What can I do for you?”

“Oh nothing much just pass along a message for me. Your boss doesn’t need to send some flat foot to make sure I’m doing my job.” I said. Some irritation may have flowed into my tone. I hate it whenever people doubt my professionalism.

“I work for Red.” She said not even looking up from her copy of a Nancy Drew mystery.

“Really? A ranger working for Red? I never would have guessed.” I said. Mock dripping from the syllables.

“Yes really.” Her eyes actually met mine as she put down her book not even taking the care to mark her place. “And Red knows you. He knows that you’ll do your job.”

“I find that such confidences easily waver.”

“Then you shouldn’t mind too terribly if someone provides him a little more confidence that doesn’t waver so easily.”

“Until said insurance decides to get in the way at the wrong time and lets the falcon slip away.” I said.

“Like I said Red knows you’ll do your job. He doesn’t need any more insurance. He has Zachariah.” Her words rang true. Red knew he had more than enough over me to get my loyalty at least for now. He didn’t need to send a goon to keep an eye on me. Besides if he’d done that I’d probably be dealing with Blue and this guy didn’t seem to be quite as incompetent as blue and he certainly didn’t have the brawn.

“Right. Well you have a good day miss and I’ll see you around.” I said picking up a copy of Highlights on my way out I left the library somewhat in a contemplative nature. Who was following me? Why? There was no one in this daycare beyond Red who held the kind of power to be any real threat. It could only mean that perhaps there was a new player in town. My thoughts preoccupied my brain as I rounded a corner into the movie hall. My pursuer right behind me pulling a water gun from his Jacket.

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