The Grey Hairs

I stepped outside into the bright light of day. The sun beat down on whatever it could find. I kept my head low. This was disputed territory. No one could really control the playground. The grey hairs monitered it too closely. Heck I couldn’t walk out here without at least a few pairs of eyes on me. My reputation has never been sparkly. So many weeks as a PI will do that to a guy. Before I could make it to my usual source a voice rang out in a beautiful tone even if there was no melody.

“Michael!” She said. “Get over here now!”

Of course I couldn’t be at peace out here. The attention of the grey hairs was no doubt pinned upon me since the moment I set foot out here. I turned and looked at none other than Marianne. The woman who helped me through so much so early in life. She’d gotten fired from the hospital. Perhaps they had found the admittedly lewd love poem I had written her and assumed she felt the same way. I felt terrible for that and I did my best to not bring up our previous relationship. But now she was one of the grey hairs. I sauntered over with just enough speed to let her know I’d heard but not so much as to look like I wanted to do it.

“How can I help you?” I said nonchalant as ever.

“What are you doing out here?”

“Oh I thought I’d just get myself some fresh air. Maybe swing on the jungle gym or join a game of hide and seek.” I replied. “You know Kid stuff.”

“All I know is that you and Zachariah are always up to something. And it’s never any good.”

“Do you see Zachariah?” I said.

“No because he was sent to timeout for trying to steal something from a girls locker.” She said.

“You wouldn’t happen to know whose would you?”

“Don’t you even think it. Gertrude wants me to send you to time out right now purely based on your association with him.” She snapped.

“You know perfectly well that I would never do anything like that. As a matter of fact I wanted to go apologize to her on his behalf.”

“I know you’re a good kid heck even Gertrude knows though you’d never see her admit to it.” Marianne grimaced. “Regardless of that you’re up to something I know it. Just make sure you tell us if anything should go amiss. If you don’t tell us immediately we’ll likely be after you.”

“I know I know. I’ll keep you in the loop and you can report to Gertrude that I’ll be on my best behaviour today.” I said and smiled.

“Good. Now be good.”

“What and take all the fun out of it?” I smirked and lost myself in the chaos of the playground. Greyhairs. They never did stand a chance.

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